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We Are All Gonna Die

We Are All Going To Die (WAGDIE) is a collection of 6,666 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project held a free mint on June 3rd.

WAGDIE does not have a website, only a Twitter and Opensea page.

According to the project's Twitter account, "There is no roadmap, only death".

WAGDIE uses retro-style, pixelated art, and each NFT features items such as body armor, masks, and weapons.

There are seventeen 1/1 characters within the collection.

The project skyrocketed in trading during the first few days post mint to more than 1.5 ETH per NFT, however, the floor dropped more than 50% not long after.

the NFTs are CC0 copyright so holders still get some benefit from collecting the Wagdie NFTs.