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What is Nouns?

Nouns is a generative non-fungible token project on the Ethereum blockchain. At it’s core, Nouns is a protocol for proliferating Nouns. Nouns are 32x32 pixel characters based on people, places, and things. One noun is generated every day.


100% of the proceeds from the daily auctions flow into the NounsDAO treasury. Each Noun represents one vote in all governance matters. Noun votes may also be delegated to individuals or to other groups, such as the Nouncil.

Nouns CC0

While the Nouns project initiative is an experiment in decentralized governance and the bootstrapping of culture, identity, and community, the intrinsic property that underpins it all is the way the intellectual property is managed. The community operates under a Creative Commons Zero (cc0) license, which means everything that is created exists in the public domain.

Nouns Extensions & The Nouniverse

Since the IP of Nouns is cc0, anyone can create and build projects using it. Any and all content can be borrowed, copied, remixed, bought, and sold. Building a brand or community from scratch is tough. But with the frictionless ability to participate on any level without asking for permission, the value is in the rapid spreading of the underlying ideas and meaning.

Projects that build upon the idea of Nouns are considered extensions of Nouns. The Nouniverse is the result of this collective, community-driven, permission-less participation and collaboration.

Unified by a shared goal of proliferating Nouns, anyone can share in the economy of ideas and creativity, making it a very exciting place to spend time in Web3. Here are some of the communities that have branched out from Nouns.