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What is MoonRunners?

Moonrunners NFT project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs depicting pixelated wolf-like characters.

Marketed as a free-to-mint NFT project, the idea of Moonrunners NFT is heavily inspired by the recently released Goblintown NFTs and We're All Going To Die NFT collection

The project has been launched without a roadmap or its official Discord. Moonrunners explains this on its website, stating:

" We got sick of seeing BS roadmaps presented in a hope to gain trust. Instead, we aim to under promise and overdeliver. Follow the story on Twitter and enjoy the ride. We have plenty to offer. "

According to the site, Moonrunners is a "story-driven" project, too.

As far as the project utility factor is concerned, the creators of the projects are yet to reveal the benefits of buying a Moonrunners NFT however, they have promised that the project has "plenty of utilities to offer".

MoonRunners & CC0

Apart from boasting the obvious NFT features, the Moonrunners NFT project is a CCO-based project, which roughly means that it does not have a copyright element attached to it as part of the Creative Commons. This enables users to use their NFTs per their choice, without any issues and complications.