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What is CC0?

CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) NFTs are a type of NFT in which the creator has abandoned all copyright rights in the artwork of the NFT ("Artwork"). The CC0 declaration was developed by Creative Commons which acknowledges that the CC0 declaration may not work in some countries. Copyright law is a national law and each country is slightly different and more than 150 countries have copyright law. Consequently CC0 includes a "backup license" for countries in which the declaration is not effective. This license is of limited scope. If the abandonment of copyright is effective, anyone can use the Artwork for any purpose, both commercial and non-commercial. However, CC0 only applies to the original Artwork and any modifications of the original Artwork would be protected by copyright law. CC0 does not apply to trademarks, rights of personality or other IP rights.

Why CC0?

It allows the NFTs to be used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial. Creators are able to freely grant others permission to use their work in whatever way they want. This allows the community behind the NFTs to adapt the NFTs into other forms of content, which adds value to the project.

Popular NFT CC0 Projects

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