Larva Lads

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Who are Larva Lads?

Larva Lads are a play on the CryptoPunks and their creators, Larva Labs. The artwork and metadata are fully on-chain and were randomly generated at mint.

Larva Lads a meme in the making - A collection of 5000 NFTs created as a parody of the CryptoPunks and their creators, “Larva Labs.”

The artwork is on-chain which means that the NFT metadata and image are entirely stored on the blockchain. It is NOT stored on a centralized server or IPFS.

Due to the randomly generated nature of the project, there is more than one copy of some characters!

Lanton Mills created Larva Lads, which was released (for free) in December 2021.


Beyond collectible profile pictures, we’re in it for the love of art, and memes


Exclusive access to the community, collaborations and upcoming projects


Play as a Larva Lad featured in realms like and other upcoming applications

Chain Scouts Partnership

Chain Scouts are launching an awesome (on-chain!) platform that aims to bring cross-project utility to a growing ecosystem of communities, and will introduce the Larva Lads to a world of P2E mechanics.

What is a Chain Scouts realm?

Post-launch, Chain Scouts will purchase NFT Worlds (and Sandbox land) to develop game modes such as factions, hunger games, and more. Holders of the pass will also be airdropped 3D voxel models to be used in metaverse integrations.

Larva Lads is an on-chain CC0 NFT project.