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What is the Eyeverse?

The Eyeverse, it's a world of darkness and little light, a world of mystery and many  realms that fight, where the Eye Kings are superior beings with roundtables of Eye Lords that lead armies a thousand fold of nightwatchers and daywatchers leading all the watched. 3330 of our watchers & watched stand high, joining our kin is worth a try.

We’ve grown a magnificent community in no time. We got verified and featured on opensea all within the first 48 hours of our journey after a Free mint using our unique Art, that is the Eyeverses true power truly a community focused & driven world. We have been announcing parts of our future, an ever evolving story with many chapters, wars and failed coups, where we burned three unworthy Renegades from our collection, and an upcoming revolutionary utility in the form of an eye.watch, an ever expanding list of activities, tasks, trials and games for our glorious community, including quite recently creativity rewards for our community of artists in many domains, Sub communities, and Magnificent Lore and stories, also an Open Copyright (CCO)  announcement for our holders to use their NFTs how they please commercially, the death of my queen, and her return, and just a few days ago announced the opening of our Merch store. Might I emphasize that we have done all this within the domain of 2 weeks. Yes, we are serious.

"It's the age of the eyeverse, trust in the eye king. BRACE.”

Eyeverse being a CC0 project

Eyeverse a CC0 project when it comes to the art. However the Logo and name of the Eyeverse can only be incorporated by the holders and not used solely.

In other words:

Holders of the Eyeverse NFT, are able to use it limitlessly, but always make sure, that the main logo so pure, is not to be used so freely, design and use without it ideally, for it is the property of the trinity, only to them holding affinity. Brace.