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What are CryptoDickButts?

Created in 2006 by the comic book artist K.C. Green, Dick Butts eventually became CryptoDickbutts—an NFT series on Ethereum. But what started as a joke among early CryptoPunk holders has grown into a community united in the realization that, despite the silly visuals, its continued success embodies core tenets of decentralization.

Originally created much like his memes, as a joke, it quickly became an NFT worth holding; especially among CryptoPunk holders. There is something to be said of the simplicity their images share, so it’s no coincidence they would take a liking to CDB.

CryptoDickButts is actually their third series within the collection. This series was their largest to date with 5,200 within their series 3 collection and a mint price of .052 ETH. 161 were reserved for their OG collectors and another 39 were held for the dev team and giveaways. With no roadmap, no instructions on how to mint, and not much initial direction they quickly sold out because of course they did.

Along with initiatives in the CryptoDickbutt DAO (any verified CDB holder is welcome in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization) like merchandise and games, community members are working together to bridge the digital and physical worlds by acquiring a private island for events and downtime should any holder—a group that includes Steve Aoki, Blondish, ProbCause and Sartoshi—feel inclined to visit.

CryptoDickButts and CC0

March 18th 2022 cryptodickbutts tweeted "The community has voted. We are now officially CC0. Website will be updated soon." While commercial rights may suit collectors with the experience and resources to build personal brands, when it comes to the influence of NFTs, a CC0 framework (Creative Commons) offers more flexibility and room to scale in some directions. Specifically, CryptoDickbutts are beloved because of the CC0 licensing, which gives it an innate ability to resist corporate alignment. This allows the project to grow and scale without losing its core ethos, and it stands to reason that this lends the project staying power. Furthermore, CC0 frameworks helped create the success of Web2. Various platforms built on top of the internet were able to spread quickly because of the open, collaborative effort of coders the world over. In the same way, CC0 collections such as CryptoDickbutts function as an open-source library for the metaverse. They invite new users to experiment, build, and grow. This benefits the individual and also CrytopDickbutts’ brand, helping it expand and gain even more staying power. Links: